Natalie’s 5 Crazy things to do when you’re bored

Check out those CRAZY things to do when you’re bored by the charming Natalie.

Crazy things to do when youre bored
Bored? Check out those crazy things that you can do…

When we are bored we can watch a movie, clean the house or read a book but Natalie got some crazy ideas for fun things that you can do when you are bored. So, Let’s get started…

Crazy things to do

  1. When you’re bored you can bight the heads of gummy bears.
  2. You can prank call on your best friends.
  3. playing to pull an allnighter (1:04).
  4. If it’s not to cold – find an adventure.
  5. Attempt to teach your cat how to sit.
  6. If all of those fail… you can always watch Seven Fabulout Teens all day long.

Big thanks to Seven Fabulout Teens for posting this great video by Natalie. if you like it, feel free to share it on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook below.


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