Clean Your Room When You Are Bored

When you’re bored, it’s a good time to clean your room, read why it is important to keep your room clean and exactly how to clean your room.

How to clean your room

How to clean your room

Tip: Put some upbeat music in the background while you’re cleaning your room.

  1. Clean your bed, change the sheet, bed linen and pillow cases
  2. Put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  3. Fold the clean clothes and hung them in the closet
  4. Arrange your books on the shelf
  5. Put all of your games inside boxes
  6. Put your bags and everything else you got in a giant box
  7. Throw out the garbage
  8. Clean and arrange your drawers
  9. Clean all of the dust from your furnitures with a damp cloth (desk, chair…).
  10. Clean your carpet and floor with a vacuum cleaner
  11. Clean the mirror
  12. Sweep the floor

How to clean your room fast

  1. Get a basket
  2. Put all of your clothes in the basket
  3. Put the basket under the bed
  4. Take the basket
  5. Put all the other things into the basket
  6. Put the basket under the bed
  7. Clean your bed

You’re done! :-), but we definitely recommend you to clean your room thoroughly, just like in the first example, not like in the fast way…

How to keep your room clean

Keeping your room clean is not an easy task for some people, if you want your room to be clean all the time you need to make cleaning your room to a new habit.

Try to put things you’re using back to their places everytime after you are using them, put them back where they belong.

Make sure that you have a place for everything, if you are still bored, try to think about new places to put your things. and that you don’t have storage scattered around the room because that just don’t have a place.

Why cleaning your room

When you’re room is clean, the feeling inside the room is different, it’s much more fun to be in a clean room, if the room is dirty, it makes yout thoughts to be distracted by the mess, and you are less focused when you are in your room.

When your room is clean you get more inspiration to do stuff that you want to do, and you don’t feel that you have to do something else which is cleaning your room because it is such a mess.

When you are bored, cleaning your room is a great thing to do, it will make you feel more happy when you’re in your room, and it will make your mom and dad happy too.

Clean your room

So in the next time when you are looking for what to do when you’re bored, consider to clean your room.

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